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STROLZ SPORT and MODE in Lech, Austria


We are thrilled that our favourite shop in Europe, STROLZ SPORT and MODE is now a stockist of our SnowAngel Australia brand......


Bringing the Aussie Mountains to the Bondi Beach for a Photo Shoot

Our Colorado Ski Safari


A Colorado Ski Safari is the stuff every SnowAngel and Skibums dreams are made of.  For a few of our fave things from our recent trip click on the READ MORE tab below: 

The Mountains are Calling and we must GO….



WANDER LUST - A very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world!

Nothing beats the excitement of packing for an Overseas Ski Safari adventure.

For a sneak peek of our current most fave SnowAngel Jetset essentials, click on the READ MORE tab below:



Living the HIGH LIFE in Telluride

There's NO FRIENDS like SNOW FRIENDS and we just love hearing stories of our Aussie SnowAngels creating successful businesses overseas. Our girlfriend Georgie Bishop has done exactly that…..

ELEVATED RE:TREAT offers luxury yoga inspired mountain adventures in Telluride and selected European destinations. These retreats offer yoga, skiing, hiking, biking, skating, snow shoeing and many other outdoor activities.

Faster than a speeding bullet

Want to know what it feels like to ski the Birds of Prey World Cup Super G course on race day with bullet proof conditions?

Check out Australian Alpine Team Member Sam Robertson in action, wearing the Eurosport Go-pro which was streamed live to 100 million plus viewers.

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