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About us

Two Snuxe girls - snuxe story

Born in the Australian Snowy Mountains, we combine functional, quality fabrics with our own unique prints to bring you Active Fashion that keeps you Smiling from the inside out.

Inspired by our Australian outdoor lifestyle, love of travel, the mountains and the beach. Let SNUXE be part of your own unique story. Pack light, leave less footprint, enjoy the journey.

There’s a lot to smile about at SNUXE HQ, tucked away in the Australian Snowy mountains. Our stunning location encourages us to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and what better way to enjoy every season than by creating a clothing collection that we get so much enjoyment from wearing. We just love seeing our customers in the gym, at yoga, on the mountain, on the lake and at our favorite social venues, wearing our unique designs.

Our high-performance activewear is designed, printed and made ethically in Australia. We have an open door policy with our small, Australian manufacturing team. This dynamic team produces our unique, limited edition athleisure collections and we have an open invitation to drop by and see how our collections are taking shape. The high-performance sorbtek sports compression fabric is printed in Australia by a highly skilled team, using our own unique designs. We get so much pleasure from creating a fun yet functional pieces that evoke a conversation, our clothes really do make you smile for the inside out. Our fabric and prints are “fade resistant” and will still look amazing wash after wash, whilst maintaining their shape, they literally won't let you down. We know our customers want “quality” designs that are not mass produced and they want longevity, performance, and function. Our Australian fabric supplier recommends that our customers keep their leggings on, well after training or playing your favorite sport, as this advanced compression sports fabric will aide in minimizing muscle fatigue the longer you wear them, the better the benefits.

Our t-shirts are designed and individually printed here at Snuxe HQ with our own original designs. We manufacture our Tshirts in Asia by a highly reliable team and all fabrics are selected for quality and longevity. We know our customers love our designs but they also know they are choosing quality clothing they will be wearing for years to come. We print all our t-shirts ourselves, so we can avoid wastage and we are therefore able to change our designs as often as we desire. We care for our planet and our beautiful backyard right here in the Australian mountains, therefore, we are committed to the environment and are always striving to take measures to reduce our carbon footprint. If this means we have to work a little harder to produce our Tshirts, by printing them ourselves, then we are happy to make the extra effort. Higher Quality, less wastage, happy customers, that’s our commitment at SNUXE HQ.


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