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The BENEFITS of wearing Compression Leggings

Posted on March 29 2017

Our SnowAngel Australia Leggings are made in Australia from the highest quality sports compression fabric available worldwide.  The advanced Sorbtek fabric keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer by drawing all moisture away from your skin. Compression fabric not only looks and feels great but it also has added benefits that aide muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid buildup.  Most leggings are usually massed produced in overseas sweatboxes using much cheaper fabrics. Sure they can look great on a rack in a shop, but given time, they just don't last the distance. They can get out of shape, plus the fabric has no added benefits to assist in increasing your fitness. The fabric of our SnowAngel Australia Compression Leggings is stronger and more durable than basic legging fabric. You will feel the difference as soon as you pull them on.  They hold you in tighter and are the ultimate piece for anyone serious about fitness, others will eventually let you hang loose.  Who doesn't want to look and feel great, before, during and after any exercise?  Wear them to the gym, trail running, yoga, pilates or any sports activity.  They are the perfect under garment on any ski day, when the weather can be so inconsistent on the slopes.  They will help your body stay warmer on a chilly day and definitely cooler when you have been over extending yourself, as the fabric will whip perspiration away from your body and not trap it next to your skin, which affects your body temperature.

We recommend you wear our leggings for a minimum of 3 hours after high impact exercise and you will notice you have your spring back in your step a little quicker and you will feel more energised the next day, than if you exercise in a cheaper quality fabric.  Many professional athletes have been known to wear their compression leggings to bed. It does sound funny but it's true, experienced coaches understand the added performance benefits of wearing a functional sports fabric.   They can also aide in DVT prevention on flights and therefore are the ideal multi purpose travel must-have for your vacation wardrobe. Of course the prints are so eye catching they are almost too good to cover up. So make sure you wear them down to breakfast in the Chalet before you hit the slopes or wear them out to your fave cafe for a coffee and catch up with friends, post yoga and pilates.  

And... just a friendly little tip from our staff...  Don't be afraid to mix them up with your favourite wardrobe pieces. Team them with a mid or thigh high boot and a beautiful coat, when you are on vacation. You will look and feel a million dollars and we guarantee you will stand out in any crowd.  Our leggings are now seen regularly on the streets of Aspen and Vail.  They are the best travel wardrobe investment of the season xox

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