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Europe in April with Tikanni the Husky and Friends

Posted on April 26 2017

We had a super fun couple of days in the Austrian Alps last week doing a photoshoot with our SnowAngel Ambassador and Sports Model Nina and our new frisky and very furry friend, Tikanni the Husky Dog. 

Just when they thought winter was over, mother nature turned it on again....

There is no better way to be greeted to St Anton in April than with a meter of fresh snow and a super hyper and friendly hound. Tikanni was very excited to be photographed with stunning Nina and it took longer than we thought it would, to capture the photos we were after, as Tikanni would not sit still for a minute.  But it was certainly a lot of fun. Tikanni is only 12 months old, so still a puppy... but a big one at that!  You can follow his journey on instagram @tikaani.husky  He is going to be a future superstar... and a very handsome one at that!

Here's a few more pics from our photoshoot and our trip through the Alps...

We were lucky enough to get a BLUEBIRD POWDER DAY in St Anton in April  #happydays



 If I was a bird, I would want to live in this house!


We got the thumbs up from Nina, our Sports Model. Here she is checking out the comfort and movement of our compression athleisurewear.  Nina was a former Alpine Ski Racer and a race coach. Staying fit and active is an important part of her everyday life.  What she loved most about our pieces was that she could wear them to the gym, under her ski gear and still look fab and fashionable when walking around St Anton. There's no need to get changed when your gear looks this good after working out!

You can check out Ninas website at or follow her journey as she travel around the globe on fb or insta @niinagigele

Nina soaking up some rays in-between shoots and dreaming of her next ski safari... Wearing our new "CHICKS on STICKS" long sleeve Tee and "BABY it's COLD OUTSIDE" penguin leggings.


So many places, so little time... And our next Ski Safari will be.... ???

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