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The Ultimate SnowAngel Bucket List!

Posted on November 14 2014

What's on your Bucket List?

Gabi ticked one off her bucket list this year, when her gorgeous son bought her a special birthday pressie.  She paraglided off the worlds steepest downhill race course, The Hahnenkamm, in Kitzbuhel. He knew she would love every minute off it, once she was up in the air, it was just a matter of explaining to the guide in really bad Austrian that her "NO" really meant "YES".

So this got us thinking about the ultimate Snowangel Bucket List and after much contemplation, we came up with our latest Snowangel creation - our Bucket List Shirts :)

…. After all, doesn't every Snowangel want a chalet in the Snow, (decorated with our beautiful cushions). The hardest decision is where would you build it? 

 So many ski destinations, so little time. So we started dreaming a few must do's in the next 10 years. Here are our Top Five.

1. Heli Skiing in Greenland. Where else can you ski perfect turns from the top of a mountain down to the waters edge?

2. The Haute Route. Ski touring across the Alps, checking out some of the worlds most famous peaks.

3. Hot Tubbing in the Palace Hotel St Moritz with the Axel Svindal and the Norwegian Ski Team ( who says a girl can't dream )

4. Visiting Santa's village in Finland, said to make even the biggest sceptic a true believer!

5. A Snowangel Photo Shoot at the famous Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden

That's just the start of our List but now it's your turn. We'd love to hear what's on your Bucket List?

The World is just a Snowfall away!

Jules and Gabi

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